Dental Microscopy

Improving our visualization is central to elevating our level of clinical awareness.

The Benefits of Magnification

The microscope is an important, productive, and frequently-used piece of technology in our practice. The microscope is unique in that it is the one piece of technology that can make all others technologies and techniques better. No matter what procedure you are doing, you need great visualization to do it. The dental microscope is the best way to achieve great visualization; the better visualization you have, the better results you get.  

Loupes allow the dentist to work with much more precision. Magnifiers increase the magnification up to 4 times approximately. The microscope is capable of increasing the image up to 26 times also reducing its working field.  In some procedures, the magnification will be important (endodontics, visualization fracture lines ...). The use of the microscope is not systematic but allows, if necessary to act with more security and predictability.

We cannot diagnose or treat that which is below our level of awareness. One reason we use modern technology is to elevate our level of awareness and bring the level of treatment up to that of the disease we are treating.