Photodynamic Therapy

Periowave non thermal laser treatment

Periowave is an effective, minimally invasive, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory.

The Periowave treatment is relatively simple to administer. A complete debridement (cleaning deep pockets and roots) is required before the initial photodisinfection procedure to remove subgingival bacteria that block the attachment of soft tissue and provide a haven for oral bacteria. Each defect site requires irrigation photosensitizer immediately followed by 60 seconds of cold laser light activation. Some sites will respond much better when treated more than once. This simple treatment actively destroyed a large number of toxins, inflammatory molecules and pathogenic bacteria that remained after scaling and root planing.

The introduction of Periowave photodisinfection with represents a new and effective treatment system that can be used in conjunction with scaling standard procedures and root planing to improve outcomes for patients with periodontal disease. His profile nonsurgical treatment improves comfort and makes the process more attractive to patients.