Piezo Electric Surgery

Improves quality of bone surgery and maximizes post operative healing

Better bone healing

Recently, a novel surgical approach using piezoelectric device has been introduced in the field of periodontology and oral implantology. Piezosurgery is a relatively new technique for osteotomy and osteoplasty that utilizes ultrasonic vibration. The piezosurgery device is essentially an ultrasound machine with modulated frequency and a controlled tip vibration range.

The piezosurgery device is used in implant site preparation, implant removal and bone harvesting, bone grafting and sinus lifts can be done with much ease and less soft tissus trauma.

Piezosurgery requires much less hand pressure. This results in enhanced operator sensitivity and control, indicating that the clinician can develop a better ?feel' and precision for the cutting action because of microvibration of cutting tip. The cut is safe because the ultrasonic frequency used does not cut soft tissue. The cutting action is less invasive, producing less collateral tissue damage, which results in better healing.

Minimal heat is generated during cutting, maintaining vitality of adjacent tissue. It provides substantial improvement in dental/implant surgery, benefiting the surgeon by ease of use and the patient by minimizing surgical trauma and promoting rapid healing.